Jazlen Jones

Jazlen Jones

Weastec proudly recognizes the hard work of all its associates from those in their first years of employment to those with many years of service. 

Quarterly, Weastec spotlights these associates to acknowledge them for all they do! 

Meet the associates that make Weastec a great place to work!

Jazlen Jones has been a full-time associate of Weastec since January 2023. She came to us as a temporary associate and blew leaders away with her efficiency and ability to multitask making her a great fit for full time! Jazlen’s role as Pass Thru Associate means that the main function of her job is to test parts for functionality and quality and repack for shipment. The Pass Thru department tests a wide variety of parts and works with lots of different packaging such as totes depending on what the customer requires. 

“Weastec is a really great place to work. You have great people all around.” Jazlen states that the environment she works in is “amazing” as everyone works together to make sure the job is not only complete but correct. Jazeln likes the fact that she can always learn something new at work. No matter how long you have worked for Weastec, there is always something new you can learn! 

The most valuable thing she has learned from working here. Quality is everything. Efficiency and speed are important aspects of working in Pass Thru but Quality for our customer is greatly important to Weastec. 

In her spare time, Jazlen likes to bowl, paint & draw, swim & walk her dog. 

Thank you, Jazlen for all you do for Weastec!