Austin Miller

Austin Miller

Austin Miller joined Weastec in May 2023 as a Marketing Analyst for Weastec’s newly created Marketing Department within the Dublin Sales Office. One objective of the marketing department is to identify and develop new business. This includes a lot of market research, learning the product catalog and questions for the veteran staff. Marketing uses the information to support the sales department providing background information on companies prior to the initial meeting. They can also support the Design Engineering team with the company’s current and pipeline products or CAD software. 

Austin loves cars calling them his “first love” and “lifelong passion” which encourages an interest in his marketing position. In previous positions, he spent his own time reading material about cars and now it is a large part of his role with Weastec! 

The most valuable thing Austin has learned in his time with Weastec is that the energy, development, testing and more is astonishing! “I’ll never look at a hazard switch the same again!”

In his free time, Austin enjoys hanging out with family, cooking, and walking his dog. He also enjoys working on anything with an engine! 

“I would like to thank everyone I’ve met at Weastec for being so welcoming, patient and helpful with establishing this new department!”

Thank you, Austin for all you do for Weastec!