Eric Gullett

Eric Gullett

Weastec proudly recognizes the hard work of all its associates from those in their first years of employment to those with many years of service. 

Monthly, Weastec spotlights these associates to acknowledge them for all they do! 

Meet the associates that make Weastec a great place to work!

Eric Gullett has worked for Weastec in Dublin for the last six years! Eric works in the Sales Department as a Lead Analyst for Cost Planning. The role of a cost planner is to provide up-to-date production costs for the products supplied domestically and passed through. 

This involves communication with many departments and summarizing all the relevant data. Primarily working with Production Engineering and Purchasing Departments.

Something new that Cost Planning is working on is communicating with North American suppliers to establish USMCA contributing supply chains.

Eric enjoys the ability to maintain a work -life balance at Weastec. It is a priority for Weastec to ensure that associates have a strong work-life balance which lends an opportunity to maintain a more family-oriented environment in the workplace.

Eric feels that confidence is the key to communication in his position. “Confidence in what you are trying to convey makes a big difference in communication.”

In his free time, Eric enjoys going on walks or playing board games with his friends. 

Thank you, Eric, for all you do for Weastec!