AboutMessage from the President

A Message from our President

“Soaring with strong ambitions towards a future of endless possibilities”

Weastec was established in Hillsboro, Ohio in 1988 as a subsidiary of TOYODENSO.  Guided by the philosophy of our parent company, Weastec has experience steady growth across the decades.  I would like to personally thank all of our valued customers for their support, and all TOYODENSO group employees for their hard work contributing to our success.

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving.  Every year, there are leaps forward in automotive technology some of which will usher in seismic changes to the industry, such as electric vehicles and autonomous driving.  To ensure that we are able to rapidly respond to industry trends, Weastec established a technical center in Dublin, Ohio in 2005.  Here we are able to conduct our own development, market research and innovation to meet the needs of the changing market.

In order to sustain future growth and success, we resolve that we will never forget our guiding principles, we will strengthen our management foundation and continue to pursue cutting edge technology while maintaining our trademark quality.  We do this so that we can continue to be a company that customers from around the world can rely on as a partner embracing change and growth together.  I want to again thank our customers and humbly ask that you continue to provide us with your guidance, trust and support in the future.

Ohito Takahashi