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Environmental Management System

As part of our unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility, Weastec has meticulously developed and implemented an Environmental Management System adhering to the ISO 14001-2015 standard. This system considers the diverse stakeholders impacted by our environment—ranging from the local community, our parent company, associates, governmental agencies, and others. Weastec’s aim is to responsibly address the needs of all parties affected by our operations through this comprehensive framework.

Our Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy serves as the core foundation of this system. Every facet of our activities is scrutinized against this policy, which outlines our commitment as follows:

Weastec associates at all levels within the organization are responsible to provide a safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly work environment through legal compliance, continual improvement, safe practices, and other requirements to prevent injury, occupational diseases, and pollution.

Weastec’s Environmental Management System is designed to ensure strict compliance with federal, state, and local laws governing accident prevention, working conditions, and environmental preservation. Moreover, it is our policy to adhere to any additional requirements stipulated by our esteemed customers or trade organizations to which we belong.

To validate the robustness and effectiveness of our Environmental Management System, Weastec undergoes an annual audit conducted by an ANAB accredited firm. This rigorous evaluation ensures that our practices align with the highest standards and reaffirms our commitment to environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance.

Weastec is continuously looking for ways to improve their environmental efforts. For any improvement suggestions or ideas, please contact the Business Management Group.