Forced Labor & Modern Slavery

TOYODENSO Group Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement(FY2021)    

 Toyodenso Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “TOYODENSO” ) and its subsidiaries (hereinafter “TOYODENSO  Group” ) made this Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement in response to section 54 of the UK’s  Modern Slavery Act 2015 for the current financial year.  

1. Our business and organization  

TOYODENSO Group is composed of TOYODENSO and 9 subsidiaries and has a total of 9,413  consolidated employees at the time of the end of March 2022.  

The organization of TOYODENSO and TOYODENSO Group can be found at the websites below.

TOYODENSO Group develops and supplies electrical parts for automobile, motorcycle and  general use products world-wide.  

The detail of TOYODENSO Group’s product lines can be found at the website below.

2. Our management philosophy  

TOYODENSO Group set our management philosophy as follows:  

1. Spread products that customers enjoy all around the world  

2. Be a company where employees can work with pride  

3. Be a company that society approves of

The management philosophy was established while being very conscious of our connection with  and membership of society. TOYODENSO Group contributes to the society by designing,  manufacturing and supplying the highest quality products that customers enjoy. We strive to be  an excellent company group where all employees can be proud of being a member of  TOYODENSO Group in society.  

3. Our efforts  

TOYODENSO Group has 8 subsidiaries outside of Japan, and over 90 percent of the total  consolidated employees have nationalities other than Japanese. TOYODENSO Group is a global  company group that places emphasis on improving the working environment where a diversity  of races can work comfortably together respecting each other’s human rights. TOYODENSO  Group is trying to improve its systems on a continuous basis to meet the global requirements of the markets that we operate in.  

In FY2021, TOYODENSO tried to improve the working environment that meets legal and social  requirements by introducing a system for moonlighting and flextime. Also, we conducted  Compliance training session on the subject of harassment and compliance by General Counsel to  deepen our understanding.  

And we tried to implement compliance awareness of our all employees by issuing the Compliance  letters 3 times in this year.  

TOYODENSO Group has relationships with many suppliers in order to manufacture and sell a  variety of electrical products. Thus, we officially announce our policy to CSR and SDGs, and show  matters that we ask our suppliers to comply with regarding human rights and other issues.   

4.Looking forward  

We continue to pay close attention to human rights issues, but it is not easy to watch the whole  supply chain directly, so we must all be constantly aware of the many risks that exist.  TOYODENSO Group will make every effort together with its suppliers to prevent the occurrence  of slavery or human trafficking.  

This statement was approved by the Board of Directors of TOYODENSO on 19 September 2022.    

19 September 2022
Kiyoshi Koide  
President & CEO  
Toyodenso Co., Ltd.