SustainabilityEnvironmental Vision

Weastec Environmental Vision

Weastec’s goal for the future, is to improve our environment to leave a world where future generations have the necessary resources to maintain a lifestyle and enjoy nature.  We will accomplish this through diligent control of our usage the natural resources including water, land, electricity, natural gas, and the materials that we are in our products.  We will develop means to reduce our waste stream by reusing, recycling, repurposing, and eliminating unneeded materials in in all areas at our facilities, to include material handling, maintenance, offices and other areas. Our engineering departments continually look for new materials that will lessen the environmental impacts of our products.

At Weastec we are all responsible for the protection of our environment. Each associate takes responsibility for continuing improvements of their area.  Weastec’s top management is responsible for all of our facilities efficiencies and continuously looks for ways to reduce energy usage and reduce our overall carbon foot print.