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Weastec Environmental Vision

Weastec is actively collaborating with our partners in the automotive industry to increase environmental preservation efforts. Our vision is to leave a legacy-a world where future generations thrive amid abundant resources and a flourishing natural environment. To achieve this, we rigorously monitor and manage our use of natural resources: water, land, electricity, natural gas, and the materials integrated in our products.

To advocate for these sustainable visions, we have created a dedicated Corporate Sustainability team that is vigorously looking into ways we can eliminate our waste streams. Not only is the Corporate Sustainability team responsible for implementing our sustainable goals, but we are all responsible for the protection of our environment. Weastec’s top management oversees the efficiencies of all our facilities and is continuously looking for ways to curtail energy consumption and diminish our overall carbon footprint. Our engineering departments are continuously looking for new materials that will lessen the environmental impact of our products.

Weastec is continuously looking for ways to improve their environmental efforts. For any improvement suggestions or ideas, please contact the Business Management or Corporate Sustainability Groups. To learn more about our most recent environmental visions and updates, please visit our latest ESG Report.