Joshua Zaborowski

Joshua Zaborowski

Weastec proudly recognizes the hard work of all its associates from those in their first years of employment to those with many years of service. 

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Joshua Zaborowski has worked for Weastec since 2018 as a Designer Level II. Joshua describes the privilege of being part of the Innovation team in Dublin as they can research new ideas for design. “How can we improve this idea?” and “How can our design better impact the end user?’ are questions that Innovation asks daily. Joshua’s role has been researching what is currently in the market and coming up with new concepts & designs by sketching and 3D rendering them to see what they could look like. Once the innovation team decides on a design, prototypes are created in house, then proposed to OEM’s for new business opportunities.

Joshua enjoys working with like-minded people most of all at Weastec. The associates challenge each other daily and always have new ideas to help better the Innovation department and Weastec as a whole. 

“Having management always listening and asking questions makes me feel heard and respected.” Joshua added. 

The most valuable thing learned in his time here is that you must be a good listener and be adaptable. Within Weastec, there are many different roles and responsibilities that make this company function efficiently. Getting to know other associates and their responsibilities not only helps you understand where they fit in but also you are able to learn what you can contribute to the company. 

In his free time, Joshua enjoys being outside and staying active by walking with his wife and dog, going to the gym and golfing. He enjoys visiting the restaurants and breweries in the Columbus area. 

Thank you, Joshua for all that you do for Weastec!