Jacob Young

Jacob Young

Weastec proudly recognizes the hard work of all its associates from those in their first years of employment to those with many years of service. 

Monthly, Weastec spotlights these associates to acknowledge them for all they do! Meet the associates that make Weastec a great place to work!

Jacob, “Jake” Young joined Weastec in January of 2015 as a temporary associate and began full time in 2018. Over the last 8 plus years, Jake has worked in several positions and has been instrumental in the WHO Receiving department!

Jake’s role at Weastec consists of ensuring that received materials are sorted, stocked, and delivered to production in a timely manner so that production can test and ship to the customer. 

Everyone at Weastec knows each other and can call each other friend. This is one thing that Jake enjoys most about working for Weastec. 

When asked what the most valuable thing he has learned in his time here, “Communication is key, and Teamwork really does make the dream work!” 

Jake enjoys playing guitar with Eddie Van Halen and attempting to stay “fit” with Richard Simmons in his free time. 

Thank you, Jake, for all you do for Weastec!