Michelle Chamblin

Michelle Chamblin

Weastec proudly recognizes the hard work of all its associates from those in their first years of employment to those with many years of service. 

Monthly, Weastec spotlights these associates to acknowledge them for all they do! 

Meet the associates that make Weastec a great place to work!

Michelle Chamblin has worked for Weastec in Hillsboro since April 2019! Michelle works in the Shipping Department as a Shipping Associate. The role of a shipping associate is to fill customer orders by building shipments and prepare paperwork for the customer. Michelle also spends a lot of time operating a forklift. She is certified to drive the standing and sitting forklift. 

Michelle enjoys working with the people at Weastec most about her role. There are lots of unique and talented people working for Weastec! Michelle stated that “Every person is a valuable asset to Weastec.” 

In her free time, Michelle enjoys going hiking and trips to Kings Island!

Thank you, Michelle, for all you do for Weastec!