Karol Osterloh

Karol Osterloh

Weastec Greenfield Operations. Shipping:

Weastec proudly recognizes the hard work of all its associates from those in their first years of employment to those with many years of service. 

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Karol has double the experience when it comes to working for Weastec! Originally hired in 1998-2001, Karol was excited to come back to Weastec in April 2022 to work in the materials departments at the Greenfield plant. Karol currently works in the shipping department where assembly of finished goods can be seen from start to finish. In her role, she unloads components and returns totes to the warehouse. The components work their way through the assembly process and are tested in production. Based on the customer orders, Karol scans, labels, and processes the paperwork for pickup and loads outbound trailers with finished goods. 

Karol stated that the things she enjoys most about working for Weastec are the laughs she can share with co-workers and the teamwork between her department, supervisors, and management. The communication and support mean a lot to the associates.

The most valuable thing Karol has learned in her time at Weastec? “Adapting to change is important. Sometimes you must step out of your normal role and try something difficult. You might just realize that you really like the change, and it is easier than you thought.”

In her spare time, Karol enjoys spending time outside with her free-range chickens or sitting near her koi & goldfish pond. She also enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. 

Thank you, Karol for all you do for Weastec!