Weastec, a leading player in the automotive industry, has emerged as a trailblazer in supporting biodiversity efforts, marking a pivotal shift towards sustainability. Our Hillsboro location sits on roughly 150 acres in the scenic hills of southwestern Ohio and has ample land opportunities to support new biodiversity efforts.

A biodiversity team, BioTec, was launched in 2023. The goal of the team is to utilize Weastec land to replenish ecosystems that are viable to different native species and forms of life (animal, plant, entomological and other). The team jumped right into their new role by planting a 4000 sq. ft. pollinator wildflower meadow.

The team has also been creating informational slides to run on the electronic bulletin boards at Weastec. The slides feature information about Bat Week, Wildlife Conservation, Arbor Day, World Bee Day, and much more!

Looking ahead, we are eager to build upon the success of our previous endeavors and explore new opportunities to enhance biodiversity conservation. Our team is actively engaging with experts, stakeholders, and local communities to identify key areas where we can make a positive impact. By fostering partnerships and leveraging innovative approaches, we aim to contribute to the protection of endangered species, the restoration of ecosystems, and the promotion of sustainable practices.