Fundamental InnovationFundamental Innovation

Fundamental Innovation

Innovation is the key to growth and prosperity in the constantly evolving automotive market. Globally the Toyodenso group has three innovation departments: Tsurugashima, Japan; Shanghai, China and Dublin, Ohio. These innovation teams work to develop the next generation technologies that will lead our company into the future.

Each innovation department is a cross-functional team, composed of diverse members with backgrounds in design engineering, development, graphic design, electronics, materials and marketing. These creative teams have the flexibility to foster new ideas and integrate new technologies into projects in an open environment.

The innovation department at Weastec’s Dublin Office was established in 2017 and has quickly become an integral component of our operations. They are focusing on advanced HMI technologies, application of new technologies to the automotive industry and North American market research. Based on these criteria, the group creates independent projects, which are then evaluated by upper management. These projects can then be presented to our customers with the ultimate goal of being incorporated into upcoming customer vehicles.