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Electric Vehicles

With a vision for a greener future, Toyodenso produces products for electric and gas vehicles in the automotive, power sport and power equipment industries. As these industries evolve these products will play an ever more important role within our company and our industry.

In the automotive industry Toyodenso produces emission products for PHEVs as well as interior products. For the power sport industry, motors for electric scooters and motorcycles are one of our primary development items. Smaller motor packages, producing larger outputs are being developed. Toyodenso also produces both electric and compressed gas generators. Our smaller generators are perfect for camping and other outdoor activities. These generators incorporate our inverter unit and voltage management technologies as well as numerous other core competencies.

Toyodenso understands the importance that green vehicles play in the future of our environment. We are not content to simply supply our current product portfolio for these important products. Toyodenso is developing new products to meet the challenges of the electric vehicle future.