Fundamental InnovationMarketing


The creation of the marketing department began in April 2022. There was a considerable amount of time put into the development schedule. In fact, it took about 8 months to finalize the department’s scope of work before the job opening was posted.

With the help of the sales and innovation team, a purpose for the department was defined. It was decided that sales and marketing will complement each other in the customer acquisition process. That is, marketing department’s goal will be to obtain new customers, while the sales department’s goal will be to maintain them.

The customer acquisition process will consist of various tasks such as activity promotion, market research, benchmarking, trend analysis, customer strategy, and website design. To complete these duties, marketing will not only collaborate with the sales team, but the innovation and design engineering team as well. The collaboration of these departments will contribute to the marketing department’s goal by granting them insight on product strategy, technology, and development.

The inception of the marketing department presents an exciting time for Weastec. By introducing this new department, we are committing to our mission of continuous improvement.