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Autonomous Vehicles

The advent and proliferation of autonomous vehicles will significantly impact the future of vehicle interiors. As the function of the driver changes, the interior cabin will also change to meet these new requirements and to take advantage of the opportunities that autonomous vehicles will offer the passengers.

Although Toyodenso is not manufacturing products specifically for the operation of autonomous vehicles, new products and layouts for the interior cabin are being created. Toward this end, Toyodenso has established a partnership with Gunma University for the development of self-driving cars. Gunma University has a state-of-the-art research center dedicated to collaborating with leading edge companies and local government agencies. New technologies are being tested at this facility and on the roads of Gunma Prefecture.

Toyodenso is currently using camera technology in these vehicles to analyze the eye movements of the driver. This data is being evaluated to determine possible changes in location of key interfaces in the cabin. This will allow for optimization of the driving experience even as the function of the driver fundamentally changes. As a global leader in HMI technologies, gathering this type of data allows our company to shape the future of the interior cabin.