NewsHappening at Weastec

What’s Buzzing Around Weastec

Have you seen the buzzing action on the hillside behind Weastec? Weastec is excited to introduce their newest workers, the bees! Yep, we’ve got some busy bees in town! In collaboration with Paps Hilltop Honey, we have added two hives with brand new colonies, each one starting fresh with about 10,000 individuals. Our bees are a species known as “apis mellifera ligustica” (Italian Honey Bee).

A special thank you to our very own Ethan Lewis as well as his brother, Evan, for setting up the foundation and bee hives. They are the fourth generation of beekeepers in their family!

As the bees do what bees do, Paps Hilltop Honey will continue to come back and maintain the hives and collect the honey! To learn more about what Paps Hilltop Honey is up to, visit them at Home – ​ (