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Weastec Recognized as Energy Efficiency Champion

Weastec Recognized as Energy Efficiency Champion

AEP Ohio recognized Weastec Inc. as an Energy Efficiency Champion at the Event Location last night. AEP Ohio acknowledged the outstanding contributions to increasing energy efficiency and environmental stewardship of five of their customers.

From 2014 to 2017 Weastec was able to reduce their electrical usage by over 900,000 kWh per year, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. This reduction is equivalent to 700 tons less of carbon in our environment every year. Weastec had over a 40% reduction in kWh usage over this period.

Weastec was able to meet these aggressive goals with the help of AEP Ohio’s business incentive program. This program offered offsetting grants to Weastec for systems improvement in our facility.

HVAC replacement, HVAC software controls, boiler replacement, LED lighting and air compressor replacements were all significant investments that Weastec made in our facility in order to reduce our consumption of electricity.

Weastec was also honored by AEP in 2016 as the first manufacturing facility in Ohio to convert completely to LED lighting.