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Weastec Partners with Community Market for Canned Goods Donations

Weastec partnered with Community Market in Hillsboro and Greenfield to donate over 60 cases of canned goods to Community Action in Hillsboro and 30 cases to Community Action in Greenfield. 

Community Action provides a food pantry and other helpful services for members of the county in need. Community Market supplies groceries in the Hillsboro and Greenfield areas with helpful service and convenient locations! The donation was proctored by Weastec’s senior manager, Robert Moots who gathered the donations from Community Market and helped organize the donation. 

Weastec team members Karol Leach, Dustin Lykins, Bryan Boyer, Shawn Conlon, Debbie Everhart, Kasey Fitzpatrick and Kati Luschek helped organize and gather the donations from each Community Market location for delivery to Community Action. 

Weastec takes pride in the community its associates live and work in and has an active community service program to help provide for the needs of local individuals.

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to Community Market managers Todd & Bear at Hillsboro and Robert & Allison at Greenfield for getting everything put together.