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Weastec Biodiversity Team Celebrates the Solar Eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse 2024 at Weastec was a cosmic blast! On April 8 Weastec’s Biodiversity Team seized the moment to organize out of this world fun by allowing associates to view the event and providing ISO certified solar eclipse glasses as part of our promotion of climate and safety awareness.

Picture this: employees rocking rad eclipse glasses, gathering at all three sites for an epic sky show. The main event went down between 3:00 and 3:25 PM, with the hype kicking off around 2 PM. Ohio was in the spotlight, with cities like Akron, Cleveland, Dayton, Lima, Lorain, Warren and Toledo basking in the total eclipse glory. Weastec’s spot near the 100% totality line meant we were in for a dazzling 96-98% show! What a stellar day for the Weastec crew!