NewsHappening at Weastec

Toyodenso President & CEO Visits Weastec

The week of October 24th, Mr. Kiyoshi Koide, president & CEO of Toyodenso Co., Ltd. and Ms. Yuri Tanabe, Full Time Auditor at Toyodenso Co., Ltd. visited Weastec. This was Mr. Koide’s first trip to Weastec since before the pandemic. The pair visited our operations in Hillsboro, Greenfield and Dublin. During their visit they toured our manufacturing at both our Hillsboro and Greenfield locations. They also met with most of our departments to review our current conditions and to discuss future strategies. These meetings were very constructive and will be the basis of our future direction.

Both Mr. Koide and Ms Tanabe have extensive experience with Weastec. In addition to numerous business trips to Weastec they both have had extended assignments at Weastec. Mr. Koide was instrumental in the founding of Weastec and served as its first president in the late 1980’s. Ms. Tanabe was Senior Accounting Manager at Weastec during the 2010’s.