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Fostering concepts into real world products is an integral component of our organization. Early in the design phase, our development team begins their work. The role of the development team is to manage each project through the stages of prototyping, trials, tooling construction, supplier and production facility readiness and product verification.

A project manager is assigned to each of our projects to oversee its completion. Timetables are developed to ensure readiness at each stage of development in order to meet internal requirements and the event schedule of our customers. Timetables include key benchmarks for every event and are tracked by both planned and actual. Any deviation in the plan would require a countermeasure in order get the project back on schedule. Minor deviations are a part of every schedule but the project managers role is ensure their correction before the next benchmark event.

Toyodenso utilizes a “genchi genbutsu” philosophy in its development process. Genchi genbutsu loosely means to “go and see”. It is very important for the project managers to review progress in person as opposed to simply relying on reports. This allows them to guarantee that no details are overlooked and that the project is in fact progressing on schedule.

Communication is the key to our development. The development team must ensure that our customer understands the progress of our trials, validations and production facility readiness. Likewise, our production facility must understand the status of the equipment manufacturers, sub suppliers, tooling manufacturers and material manufacturers.

Our development teams allow us to bring every project, on time, every time.