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Design is a fundamental aspect of customer service that Weastec offers it’s customers. With over 70 years of global design experience, our company has many talented designers and experience with numerous software applications. In addition to 3D modeling, our designers utilize simulation software to predict anticipated outcomes. Simulations for illumination, electronics, mold flow, material stress and magnetics allow our designers to produce quantifiable results.

Globally, Toyodenso has design centers in Japan, the United States, China, Germany and Thailand. These design centers are located in proximity to our customer’s locations. We work collaboratively with our customer’s design and styling centers to create products meet the needs of the consumer.

In 2005, Weastec established a technical center in Dublin, Ohio. It started as a small office with five associates. Over the next couple years the office expanded beyond its capacity. In 2011 the technical center moved to a 5,000 square foot office in the back half of an existing building. Again, we quickly expanded beyond our capacity. We purchased the entire building in 2015 and have expanded the technical center to 13,500 square feet.

Weastec’s technical center now has design engineering, fundamental innovation, development, testing and sales. The facility has both mechanical and electrical design floors, a fundamental innovation floor, testing laboratory, dark room, prototyping and a vehicle test bay. Weastec utilizes this facility to create current products for our customers and develop the next generation of products that our customers will rely on in the future.