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Susie Whitley Retires After Nearly 35 Years at Weastec

Carol “Susie” Whitley retired from Weastec September 8, 2023, after 34 years and 7 months of work with the company! Susie commented that she has spent more than half of her life at Weastec! Appreciative of the opportunity to work for the company, Susie said she will remember Weastec social events, long trips to sort product or visit vendors, and most of all the good friends she has met over her 34 years! 

Susie started in the Greenfield plant at Weastec and worked in quality for many of the years she spent with the company. Her work in the plant at Hillsboro took place in the “cage” which is an area where parts are sorted and checked for quality issues at each location. 

Susie was known for her German chocolate cake recipe and her long-term friendships she made at work. She will be missed by many Weastec associates or especially those in Receiving who she worked with daily for many years.