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Quality Circle Team Presents in Celaya, Mexico

Quality Circle Team Presents in Celaya

Weastec’s Quality Circle team “The Bay Watchers” presented their circle project at the 2017 Fall CAN North American Block Conference in Celaya, Mexico, last week. The team of Charlene Binegar, Brian Ortlieb and Janet Paris spent nearly a year in developing and implementing their project. The project focused on inventory process improvements. The team utilized scanners systems improve the speed and accuracy of our inventory process. The new process replaced the existing hand written paper tickets that were used in the past.

The team qualified to present in Celaya based on their 1st place victory at the 2017 Spring CAN Conference in Durham, North Carolina. There were 32 supplier teams that presented in Durham. Weastec is very proud of all of the hard work that our circle team put into their project.