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Quality Circle Presents in St. Petersburg, Florida

All About That Bulk, a group of Weastec associates, working together to improve the process of locating parts needed for Manufacturing Order (MO) in the Bulk Area.  Using the circle processes: data analysis, decision making and planning tools, the team implemented process improvement of scanning box (at station) to access the MO.  Prior to implementation the MO appeared on screen, the associate would then locate parts needed to process MO for shipment (this may require the associate to leave the station). By implementing process improvement of scanning the box (at station) to access the MO, the team improved efficiency allowing additional parts to be processed. 

The team represented Weastec at the 2019 Honda Conference held in Louisville, KY November 5-7, 2019 and received 2nd place among 37 Honda suppliers presenting at the conference.  The team won the opportunity to represent Weastec and the 2020 Grand Prix in St. Petersburg Florida in March of 2020. Weastec is very proud of Shirley, Jackie and Mary and very excited to see what project they will work on next!

Weastec places high value on involvement of all associates, at all levels within our organization.  Upon completion, team will have the opportunity to represent Weastec at Honda Conference (competition of all Honda suppliers: US-Canada-Mexico).  Winning teams at this completion will also have opportunity to represent Weastec during Honda events (i.e. Honda Golf Classic, North American Block etc.)  Want to join a team contact Angie Allard at 937.205.2467 and get started today!!