NewsHappening at Weastec

Ohito Takahashi assumes presidency at Weastec Inc.

Effective February 18, 2021, Ohito Takahashi took over as president of Weastec Inc.  Mr. Takahashi replaced Yasuhiko Ida who is returning to Japan to assume the roll of executive director of global R&D at Toyodenso Co., Ltd.  Mr. Ida served as Weastec’s president for four and a half years and had served at Weastec on two prior occasions in the design and the sales groups. 

Mr. Takahashi brings twenty three years of experience with the Toyodenso group to Weastec’s leadership. His most recent role at Toyodenso was in the accounting division in Toyodenso’s Shinbashi headquarter. Before that assignment Mr. Takahashi was chief engineer in the innovation department. This will be Mr. Takahashi’s second assignment to Weastec as he served as senior engineer from 2009 to 2016 at Weastec’s technical center in Dublin, Ohio.