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State of the Art Production Equipment

The manufacturing process is key to producing high quality products. The Toyodenso group prides itself on utilizing state-of-the-art production equipment in our manufacturing processes.

With the vast majority or our products having “A” surfaces, injection molding, painting and laser etching are critical processes. Toyodenso group has nearly 500 advanced injection molding machines. These machines range in tonnage from 30t to 680t. Every production location has in-house injection molding for critical processes. Seven in-house painting lines use the latest technology to paint over 20 million coats of paint per year. These lines are completely contained in clean rooms ensuring high quality output. Accompanying these painting lines are 33 laser etching machines. These machines etch ISO or region specific symbols and text onto our products. We have the capacity to produce 10 million etchings per year.

As an electronics company, modern surface mounting equipment is another critical process. We utilize high-speed surface mounting, solder printing, curing and 3D image scans to produce our electronic components. With the vast majority of our products containing some type of PCB, the Toyodenso group continually evaluates the latest advancements in surface mounting technologies.