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Global Quality Control

Producing quality products that meet the expectations of the customer and their consumers, is the most important aspect of our production process. This high level of quality must be both global and repeatable. In order to achieve this, quality is built into both our design and manufacturing processes. We also control this on a global basis ensuring that every plant follows the same quality control processes and that quality improvements are immediately implemented on a global basis.

This process begins with the design process. DFMEA, DOE and FTA are all utilized in the design of our products. Additionally, Toyodenso has our own internal design standards based on individual requirements of the product. This continues through the development process with the creation of PFMEAs to ensure that our manufacturing process builds in quality and that all lessons learned are applied globally.

Our technical center in Tsurugashima, Japan has responsibility for global quality control. Team members from this department are assigned to each of our manufacturing plants and the quality department in Japan is in daily contact with each facility. Periodic quality audits are conducted prior to mass production launch, 90 days after launch and throughout the lifetime of a product.

Our design, manufacturing and distribution facilities are all either IAFT16949 or ISO9001 certified. These certifications and periodic system audits, coupled with our own internal self reliance audits, ensure that our systems are robust enough to ensure the highest level of quality standards with every shipment from every location.