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Weastec Hosts Outing at the Columbus Zoo

Weastec Associates attended a family fun day at the Columbus Zoo this summer! Weastec offered tickets for associates and family members to gain admission to the zoo along with free parking and lunch on one of two dates. The dates set were Saturday, August 12 or Sunday, September 17. In total, over 400 associates attended the event between the two dates combined! 

There were over 400 tickets redeemed, 442 in total! This included 161 admission tickets in August and 281 in September. There were 359 dining passes redeemed! 

Associates were very excited and grateful for the opportunity to participate in a summer outing! There were many positive comments about the outing, zoo facility, weather, and food! 

Associates very much enjoyed the accommodation for lunch! There were options for lunch at different locations thought the zoo. Associates had a choice of a variety of meals including items like grilled chicken, shrimp, pulled pork, chicken tenders, burgers, mac & cheese and more! All these meal options were available with the food passes provided by Weastec! 

Associates talked about how much FUN they were able to have gathering with friends and family and spotting other Weastec associates in attendance (like a real life I-Spy game) 

Although some associates mentioned it was difficult to recognize coworkers without their Weastec uniform! 

Associates are so grateful and collectively thank Weastec for this generous opportunity!